Kildare Counselling Service


est. 2010

Our Services

Kildare Counselling Service is a family run company providing mental health support to the Kildare community and surrounding areas. We are in operation over 8 years now providing services to the HSE, TUSLA, Kildare VEC, Local GP's and members of the public.

Personal Counselling

Our therapists offer many options to those wishing to avail of personal counselling. We offer person centred counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, brief solution focused therapy, bereavement counselling, addiction counselling, therapy for PTSD, and many more supports. At Kildare Counselling Service you will be offered a confidential counselling service that is non-judgemental and centred around you.  

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Teen Therapy

Young people attending this service for counselling will find a safe and respectful environment with clear boundaries along with choices.  This is particularly important in the case of young adults who are court ordered to attend for behavioural therapy.

In the case of those under 18 years of age, initial meetings with parent(s)/caregiver(s) are held along with final review.  Limits of confidentiality and parental consent are also agreed and signed off ahead of therapy commencing.  The session remains confidential to the young person unless there is a concern based upon Children’s First Guidelines (as agreed at the outset).

Play Therapy

The language of children is ‘play’ (Landreth, 2003) therefore young children attending for therapy engage through many play mediums on offer, for example:

  • Art
  • Clay
  • Puppets
  • Drama
  • Storytelling
  • Sand tray
  • Music

It is worth mentioning that as our therapist is fully accredited with IACP along with IBECPT, some medical insurers will refund up to 6 sessions of child psychotherapy.

Couples Counselling

More often than not it is when communication has broken down in the relationship that couple’s attend for counselling.  Here they will find a non-judgemental environment that is respectful of each person.  By providing clear boundaries our experienced counsellors will facilitate a safe space for exploration of the relevant concerns, an example of which may include:

Unfaithfulness, Sexual problems, Financial stress, Poor communication, Lack of respect, Trust issues, Separation/divorce

Sessions are usually weekly for the first 3 to 4 sessions and occasionally it may be necessary to allow for an extra half an hour. (90 minutes), sessions may be bi-weekly if required.